2018 April 19 and 20 Barcelona EGIN Annual Conference

2018 April 19 and 20 Barcelona EGIN Annual Conference

New ways of learning

A lot is going on in the Graphic and Creative industries. The labour market is changing rapidly. New demands on those who want to enter the labour market, new demands on companies and their existing workforce. Questions: how do we educate students in Vocational Education and Training in a sustainable manner, how do we make their learning pathways future proof? Can we meet the demands of the companies for new persons.
These and other questions will be dealt with in the conference, in workgroups, activities and whatever sessions we can think of.

There will be lots of opportunities to present your ideas, your projects and proposals. Just let the EGIN office know you would like to have time to do your presentation: info@egin.nl

You can register for the conference starting today. Download the registration form from the EGIN website and send it back to EGIN. The venue will be available in the second half of January. You will then be informed about prices and how to book.

Costs for the conference
The costs for the conference will amount to € 415 at the most, possibly less.

More information
Additional information is available on the EGIN website.
In the following weeks more information will be provided on this page. Please come back now and then to check.

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